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Public Hospital, Fatehabad Haryana 2. Biochemistry kits including Indoleacetic acid reagent for fructose infinitely stable at room temperature. As BSc Student 4. Developed Reverse Bubble Potometer - Patent no. Can teach just any subject, from Hindi Primer to Aeronautical Engineering.

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Affiliate Manager - Can use my own affiliate software. Dura Ram : Former Haryana Minister - I was family doctor with both his parents admitted at my nursing home. K Chaudhry. Dr K Chaudhry. K Chaudhry Fan Club. Fans of Dr K Chaudhry. Fan Club of Dr K Chaudhry. Chaudhry's Karaoke Masterclass. K Chaudhry is a stud. I have some dim memories of my life before that. A jumbo gate and 10 feet wide boundary wall surrounded our house called Cote perhaps Court - I used to roam alone unescorted in the shade outside the boundary wall and shout Zindabad Zindabad.

At the age of three years, I was very poor in history - so were the people around. On an unknown date after 15 August , I lost my father at Kurukshtra. He died of gastroenteritis. In the mean time two of my four mothers also passed away - I was left with only two. The amusing moment Some family members went to fetch water from the well. The bucket dodged the rope and disappered. A diver was summoned. He charged a takka now three paise and roped down the well. He failed to find the bucket but came out with Baltoyee metal pitcher as substitute.

My First School It was near Jain Chowk. To be precise, when we enter Jain Chowk from railway station side, our house RE was second street corner to the right. Going straight away from railway station, was Ram Kishan Di Hatti, Gokul's shop, some more shops, then right turn and the school behind masjid. The headmaster asked my birth date. It was rounded off to 01 November Till date, that is my official date of birth. My First Teacher Around the year , I was a B.

I recalled my first school teacher Chander Bhan. I inquired around the school and eventually reached him. Sitting behind a huge kaanta weighing equipment at his floor mill, he was visibly embarassed - unable to make out how to react. He offered me tea and I came back. Varshaphal - B. Raman 5. A to Z Horoscope maker 6. Kalagnam - Potuluri Brahmendra Swami, Nostradamus, etc. Ascendant and impact House - Beneficial issues - Malefic issues Books recommended 1.


Bruhatparasura Hora Sastram 2. CVB Subrahamanyam 4. CVB Subrahamanyam 5. Uttara Kalamrutham 6. Saravali 7. Horasaram 8. Phaladeepika 9. Sanketanidhi Bruhjjatakam Jataka Parijatam Jataka Chandrika Jyothisa Ratnavali - K. Jyothisa Ratnavali - 2nd Part - P. Sundara Ramayya Ayurved ka Pramanik Itihas - Gupta, etc.

திருமண யோகம் எப்போது? - Rajayogam Lion degyzywe.tk - Astro 360 - EP 4

Ayurved ka Vaijnanik itihas - Priyavrat Sarma, etc. Pracina Bharatiya Vriksayurveda - M. Honours Course in Jyotisa 1. Duration of the Course: The course is for three years, each year starting from June of the year ending with May of the following year. Marks 1. Marks 2. Paper V Vastu 3. Paper VI Remedies 3. Paper VllI Astrology and Literature 3. Paper lX Predictive Astrology 3.

Paper X 3. Examinations and Declaration of Results: d Each year the examination is held in the month of May for the Papers related to the courses done during the academic year. The Director of the Distance Education Course will, however, have the discretion to permit the candidates to take the papers of the III year along with the left over papers of the preceding years. Those who complete the course by repetition of the examination are declared as 'passed' whatever the aggregate percentage of marks they get in the three-year course.

Registration and Keeping Terms: c The candidates are to register themselves in the month of June each year. However for the first year of commencement of the course in the Distance Education mode of the University, the registration is open to the students at such time as the Director, the Internet Distance Education of the University so notifies. Programme of the Course: a The medium of the examination except for languages is English. The medium is the language concerned for the language papers including the minors. Efforts will be made to bring lessons in English for all the Part III Jyotisa courses for all the papers prescribed, onto the website, progressively.

The candidates will be enabled to be in contact with the Faculty of the University for clarification of doubts, advice, guidance, etc through e-mail. Fee Structure: a The offer of the course is totally free. Their attendance of the contact classes is not compulsory. Patterns of Modern Prose - Ed. The Golden Quill - Macmillan, Madras 3. Comprehensive English Grammar and Composition - N.

Harsacaritasangraha - M. Krishnamachariar - R. Kumarasambhava - Ed. Sabdacandrika - Pub. CSS Office, Varanasi 5. Sabdamanjari - Pub. Vadhyar, Kalpatti, Palghat 6.

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Dhaturupamanjari - Pub. Vadhyar, Kalpatti, Palghat 7. Exercises in Sanskrit Translation - Pub. Manimekhala - Pub. Prasaranga, Bangalore University, Bangalore 2. Mani Khani - Pub. Thomas Books recommended 1. Jnanappana - Pub. National Book Stall, Kottayam 2. Sisyanum Maganum - Pub. National Book Stall, Kottayam 3. Prayanam - Pub. University, Kottayam 4. Sakuntalam of Rajaraja Varma - Pub. Aa Manusyan Ni Tanne by C. Thomas - Pub. Keuraliyute Katha by N.

Krishna Pilla - Pub.

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Kerala Sahitya Academy, Trichur 8. Kavitha Sahitya Caritram by Dr. Cilappatikaaram 3. Oor Ilakkiam by S. Ponnuswami Books recommended 1. Tamil Paaccudar -I - Pub. Tamil Paamaalai -II - Pub. Ilakkiakkankal by Dr. Balamurugan - Pub. Kavya, No. Oor by S. Kasirajan - Pub.


Ilikkiappozil by Dr. Ponnuswamy - Pub.

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  6. Prachina Kavya Kusuma - Ed. Kodandarama 2. Prachina Kavyadhare - Ed. Gokulanath, Dr. Malenadina Citragalu - Kuvempu 4. Rathasaptami and other Essays - Pu. Kannada Sahitya Charitre - R. Gadyavihar Ed. Kathasaptak Ed. Kavyatarang Ed. Niranjan - Pub. Impact of planets Vs. Basics of Astronomy, Astronomy Vs. Divine dictation theory Vs. Rationality Mundane astrology 4.

    Division of 12 houses Nature and vision of planets Jatakachandrika Raghuvamsam 2. Srimadramayanam 3.

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    6. Uttarakalamrutham 4. Jatakachandrika 5. Narayana Pisharodi - Keralathile kalakal ii S. Astrology in ancient medical books Books recommended 1. Bharatiya Vaidya Vidhanalu 2. Health and ill health 3. Astrology and Medical sciences 4. Physical and mental health problems 5. Planets - houses and Treatment 6. Permissible food and behaviour 7. Acheivement of health with food habits 9. Gemtheraphy, Color theraphy and natural theraphy Books recommended 1. Constellations and related matters Astrology according to animals Astrology according to physic Astrology according to hand Mundane Astrology Books recommended 1.

      Construction of rooms Defects of houses Books recommended 1. Gruha Vastu Rahasyam Paper Code: 3. History of Indo-Aryan languages. Introduction to Linguistics - Ratford. Phonology in Generative Grammar - Kenstowiez. Morphology - Spencer. A, Cambridge University Press 5. An Introduction to Sanskrit Linguistics - M. Publishers, Delhi, 7. An Introduction to Linguistics - Prof. About Us. Contact Us. Translation English to Telugu and Telugu to English. Tamil Paaccudar - I Portions prescribed: 1. Kudumba Vilakku.

      Tamil Paamaalai II Portions prescribed: 1. Pandiyan Parisu. Definition and changed role of Astrology. Exaltation and debalation of planets. Muhurthadarpanam - Nigantuvu. Translation, Precise writing.