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The Patriarch Abraham — the author of Sefer Yetzirah or Book of Formation and the first monotheist of the Old Testament — knew that there were 10 planets in our region of space, providing precise associations between the zodiac signs and the Hebrew letters, yoking astrology to the sacred letters of the Torah.

This manuscript details how God deployed the archetypal energies of the ten-sphered Kabbalistic Tree of Life also called the Sephirot and the twenty-two Hebrew letters to create the universe. In the Midrash, a collection of Jewish myths and legends, there is a story about how King Solomon wore a magical ring engraved with Hebrew letters that afforded him the power to speak with animals.

King Solomon was also famed as being the wisest men ever born, and I believe his wisdom derived from mastering the art of astrology and Kabbalah.


His ring and his ability to master animal speech might hint at his astrological aptitude. Scientific disciplines such as physics, astronomy, and medicine examine what we wee, hear, and touch, while spiritual disciplines such as meditation and astrology study the world that lies beyond the physical realm.

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With Kabbalah considering both worlds to be equally worthy of investigation, it identifies the link between the spiritual and the physical worlds — the Upper World and the World Below — as the Desire to Receive , with humankind being the highest embodiment of that desire. In other words, humanity is a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.

Was geht noch?

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Elul is dedicated to preparing for the days of judgment and atonement — a time set aside to set goals and through action, achieve them. Those born in Elul should make use of their unique ability to plan and take action. Attribute: Diplomatic, social and cooperative, but often indecisive and jumping to extremes. Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Tishrei is the month of holiness — the Jewish people try to find balance before coming face to face with the creator.

One born in Tishrei should focus on doing good deeds in order to create good omens for his or her years ahead. Attribute: Brave, passionate and giving but can sometimes be destructive and prone to melancholy. Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: Coming from the passion and inspiration of Tishrei, Cheshvan lacks Jewish holidays. But both the great flood and recovery from the great flood happened in Cheshvan — this implies the ability to recover.

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The third Temple will be completed in Cheshvan, destined to be a month of happiness and joy and construction over destruction. Those born in Cheshvan should work hard to channel the energy and positive experiences of the past towards a positive path. Attribute: Wise and idealistic, but promises more than they can deliver and sometimes unpredictable.

Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: The Kislev story of Hanukkah holds that oil that should have lasted one day was found to last eight.

Why Kabbalistic Astrology?

Implanted in those who are born in this month is the spiritual energy that will allow one to do a lot with a little — like a bow, aim high to make a big impact through good deeds. Attribute: Brazen, responsible and disciplined, but often condescending. Jewish Calendar occurrences and recommendation: The temple, a symbol of unity, is the main focus for the month following Hannukah, a return to the Temple. Those born in Tevet have a powerful ability to unify — it is recommended to appreciate diversity within in order to trend toward unification.

So what does Kabbalah have to do with astrology?

Attribute: Generous and humble, but sometimes uncompromising. The practice of blowing the shofar every morning during Elul activates those troops like a spiritual call to arms! Betulah, the virgin, is prepared. She knows analysis and preparation is the foundation of every successful battle, and she has no intention of losing her war against the forces of disinformation and deceit.

Her allies in sober sanity against the forces of chaos include Saturn Shabbtai , stationing direct in structured, organized Capricorn on September Saturn turns experience into maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. As seasoned warriors in the war against spiritual darkness, we must pick and choose our battles and select our weapons wisely.

The full moon in compassionate, empathetic Pisces on Friday, September 13, is a real-life opportunity to demonstrate humility and empathy.

The Jacob's Wheel Cycle/Phase Calculator

Extending a helping hand to those in need is good exercise for both heart and soul. May it be a year of blessings, revealed miracles and redemption! Chodesh Menachem Av Tov!

It was the day the 12 Tribes were reconciled after the ci vil war and tribal intermarriage permitted again. Indeed, Chodesh Av is full of contradictions and course-corrections. The new moon in Leo on erev Rosh Chodesh Av scorches hypocrisy and deceit with the white-hot heat of judgment.

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